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OLWG#130- 90 point 7 – Take 2

This  was written and then rewritten for OLWG#130

The smooth voice of Eugenia Ricks, host of Jazz Flavours, washed over me in waves, as the music faded out behind her. I smiled.

“You’re listening to WVAS, 90.7 on your FM dial. This is Eugenia and that was the Pennywhistle Band performing their version of “The Swallowtail.”

I’ve known Ginny since I was five years old, when her parents bought the house next to ours on Willow Court in Horace. She’s two months younger than I. Her birthday’s in May while mine’s in March. She and I became fast friends, bicycling together in the summer months; sledding together in the snow.

There was a period of time there, I guess it was when we were about sixteen or seventeen were her folks, along with mine tried to keep us apart. They said it was inappropriate for us to be so close but that didn’t work for very long. We were best friends. After graduation we went to different schools. I went to Rasmussen and got my Bachelors in Software Applications Development. Ginny went to NDSU and studied broadcasting. We got married when we finished school and lived in Ginny’s parent’s basement while she looked for work. I earned a little money by doing freelance programming and some consulting work in CyberSecurity. Then Ginny got the offer from WVAS. It was a long way from where we had always called home and a long way from our families, but we talked about it and decided that was the point. We wanted to start a life of our own, find our own home, and build our own family; together. She took the position offered and we moved down south.

WVAS is a Montgomery Station but you can pick it up in Selma. Eugenia and I live in Selma. The cost of living is more than 10% better in Selma. She bought a hybrid and commutes to Montgomery every day to do her show and all the other work that a radio personality has to do. She does appearances, she does a lot of paperwork, she mans the phones (maybe I should say that she womans the phones), and she plans things. Who would have thought that broadcasters spend so much time planning things? I followed her here from Fargo when she got the job. I write code. I can work from anywhere and honestly, I’d follow Eugenia everywhere.

Love’s the word I’m searching for, love’s the word.

The prompts were:

  1. Pennywhistle Band
  2. followed her to Selma
  3. love’s the word

I rewrote this because of a comment I received on the first publication. It made me realize that it needed to be redone. So I redid it. Sorry for the confusion Leigh.

4 thoughts on “OLWG#130- 90 point 7 – Take 2

  1. I had to go read the aforementioned comment, as I took the piece I guess, in the way it was intended originally and felt it was about a love worth following. Nicely expounded upon story line in this piece, every trace of a stalker firmly erased.

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  2. Love makes us do what needs to be done sometimes – for many a year we lived without any family nearby. Having family near is nice – I kinda wish I had more family around when I was a teen – but we traveled so Dad could provide… That’s a different love.

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