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OLWG#132- Midriff Culture

This was written for OLWG#132

Mary Lou didn’t know about the camera. It had all started out as a bit of fun on her second date with Billy Sparrow.

Billy was a dreamboat and she had been trying to get him to ask her out for months, dropping hints, flirting shamelessly. So when he finally did take her to the movie they sat in the back, in the dark. She may have allowed him to take a few liberties that she normally would not have let him get away with. Billy was the quarterback for the football team and this was what she really wanted. Anyway, it was just a little petting. It was nothing to get worried about.

Now they were on their second date. They were going to play mini golf and then go to a party at Jordan Payne’s house. Jordan played on the football team too. Billy told her that Jordan was a Pulling Guard. Mary Lou didn’t care enough about football to know what a Pulling Guard did on a football team but she assumed it was just another position, like a center or a tight end. She knew what those guys did. She was feeling a little pressure that night though. Things were moving a little fast for her with Billy. After she had let him slip his hand under her sweater at the movies she wasn’t sure what to expect on the second date.

Mary Lou had dressed carefully, brand new shoes, short shorts, and a ‘midriff revealing’ pullover blouse. She was waiting in the living room when Billy picked her up that Saturday afternoon she was a little nervous. She slid into the passenger seat of his car and he leaned over for a kiss and copped a feel. Instinctively, she pushed his hand away. She knew that he was going to be expecting things tonight and she was trying to think of a way to give him something without giving him everything.

“I’ve got to stop at the ATM and get some cash,” he told her as he started the car and the engine rumbled to life. He parked the car, leaned over for a kiss and a squeeze then leapt out and headed to the cash machine. Mary Lou got out of her side and crept up behind Billy Sparrow. She gathered the hem of her pullover and pulled it up to her chin.

“Hey, Billy,” she shouted just as the ATM flashed and captured her image.

Mary Lou didn’t know about the camera. It had all started out as a bit of fun on her second date with Billy Sparrow.

The prompts were:

  1. no truck with you
  2. brand new shoes
  3. didn’t know about the camera