OLWG#136- Catch of the Day

This was written for OLWG#136

Soft jazz and bebop wafted from the speakers in the restaurant when Cosmo folded his menu as he saw the girl returning. He studied her walk.

Approaching, she pulled a pad and pencil from her apron pocket. Arriving, she put all her sleight weight on her back leg and one hand on her hip.

“Didja figger it out yet?” she asked. She waited.

There was something about her eyes, he thought. She has beautiful eyes.

“What’s your name?” he asked her.

She shifted her posture before replying, “Cassiopeia,” she smiled a little crookedly, “Uh, Cassie, everyone calls me Cassie.”

“That’s a ‘stellar’ name Cassie.” he replied, “I’m Cosmo.” The two looked at one another and the music changed. It was Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie. It was ‘Hothouse’ from the “Jazz at Massey Hall” recordings. “I’m looking at the catch of the day, Cassie,” he pointed at the chalked specials menu on the wall, “the salmon.”

“Great choice, Mr Cosmo,” she said, “but we’ve run out. I guess they didn’t catch enough.”

“Damn, what would you recommend then?”

“Me? I’d recommend the Cobb Salad at Aldo’s down the street, but that’s just me.” She pushed her curly dark hair back behind her ear on one side. That lopsided smile came back and lit up her face. Her lips were moist. Shiny.

The prompts were:

  1. we’ve run out
  2. Bird on the box
  3. A one ring circus