Sorry That I Called Your Dad A Dick


I crushed another empty beer can against my forehead and snagged another handful of stale Cheetos when I realized I was getting pretty drunk. Across the room, the clock on the VCR told me that it was 1:37. The little red light was illuminated next to the time so that indicated AM. It was 0137 and I was drunk, eating stale Cheetos and rearranging house plants.

Before she moved out Clarissa had written directions for proper care of the plants. Each had a little card with directions saying things like “needs a lot of sun,” “needs only a modicum of water,” to wait, wha…what the hell…? This one says never water! It says to keep in a dark room! I can’t believe this… all the plants are all going to die now. I should chuck em out the window. She better never come back, ‘cause if she does I’ll probably have to send her away again. I wish she hadn’t left. I would’ve done anything for her; well anything except apologize to her dad, or get a regular job. I’m an artist, for cryin’ out loud!

She is something. I wonder how long’s it gonna be before she comes crawling back. Before she realizes that she never had it so good. When she calls she’ll most likely be crying and asking me to take her back… and then… and then I’ll tell her no. I’ll tell her I got three or four women over right now, but I may be able to make some time for her next week.

What am I saying? I wish she hadn’t left. I promise to try harder. I promise to get at least a part-time job. Hell, I’ll even tell her dad that I’m sorry. She won’t pick up when I call her though. None of her friends knows where she is. I’m getting worried.

I used your prompts verbatim, then I looked up V.E.R.B.A.T.I.M. I’m so confused!

Author: tnkerr

Mostly making things up and writing them down to amuse myself!

14 thoughts on “Sorry That I Called Your Dad A Dick”

  1. Love it! You nailed the sentiment behind the prompts, dead on.
    Was having a chat with an old friend Friday. They asked, “Whatever happened to your prompt bog? That was fun!” Their question made me nostalgic. It was a weird time for me, but that blog was a bright spot.
    Thanks, as always, for playing along!

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  2. What prompts? LRose goes to a defunct link, and now you have me wondering.. Excellent story. I think I used to live with this guy though. He sounds strangely familiar.

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      1. Thank you LRose. I have been trying unsuccessfully to reach your blog for months. the link left by the name you comment under goes to a page that does not exist. I checked out the prompts and love them.

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  3. I always wondered how ‘that’ moniker got shortened from Richard…
    There are a few famous ones like Tim Allen… That’s his real last name.
    I heard one of Tim’s comic routines. He was explaining that his sister was ‘one’ too…
    …So maybe there was a reason, though I’m guessing not… 😉

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