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OLWG#140- Ole Miss Pearlie

This was written for OLWG#140

“Who’s that lady sitting in the yard across the street? And why does she look so sad?” Melissa asked.

“That’s Ole Miss Pearlie,” Ellis told her, “she’s ‘bout a hunnerd an fifteen years old. She’s not really sad, but she’s blind as a bat and her eyes is all white. If it’s not raining Momma goes ‘cross in the morning and helps her out to her lawn chair underneath that big Poinciana tree. She sits there and enjoys the weather and gossips with the neighbors who might be walking past. In the afternoons, in the summertime, Momma sends me over with a big glass of iced sweet tea and I’ll visit with her for a few minutes. She’s lived here in Tishomingo County here whole life. She can tell a lotta really good stories about the old timey days. Wanna go talk to her?”

“Is she scary?”


“We should take her something; maybe a glass of tea? You said she likes tea.”

“I got something even better than that. CORNBREAD, ” Ellis almost yelled it out, “Wait here a minute.” He jumped up and ran into the house, the screen door slammed as he disappeared into the gloom off the kitchen hollering for his Momma.

Melissa sat on the stoop and watched Miss Pearlie across the street.

“What’s yore name girl?” Miss Pearlie hollered from over the street and under the Poinciana.” Melissa flinched – she was supposed to be blind.

“Melissa.” The girl called back.

“Are you a friend of Ellis’?”

“I’m his cousin.”

“Course you are. Course you are. Why don’t y’all come cross the street and let me get a look at you? It’s OK, I’ve known Ellis and his Momma for a long time so I’m not a stranger.”

“How are you going to see me?” Melissa asked.

“Oh, Ellis told you I was blind, did he? Well, he’s right, but I can see with my fingers. I can see with my nose and my ears. I can also see with my tongue, but don’t worry none; I won’t eatcha.” The old lady smiled at her own joke.

Well that took all of my twenty-five minutes and maybe a little bit more. Probably a good thing too as I don’t know where I was going with it!

The prompts were:

  1. jump
  2. sad eyes
  3. Mississippi corn bread