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OLWG#143- The Optimist

This was written for OLWG#143


I don’t know if she’ll ever invite me up to her bedroom again.

Least not for anything more than fixing the light switch, but I keep my hopes up; and my expectations high.


The prompts were:

  1. sacred ground
  2. talk deep into the night
  3. the evening’s shot

Did I hit any of them? All of them?

7 thoughts on “OLWG#143- The Optimist

  1. I think there are a few ways to view this… Young or old handyman romancer…
    but maybe even a husband who has lost his wife to Alzheimer’s.
    I knew a man whose wife had early onset of the disease. He worked hard to keep her safe in an institution. I read of another man who lost his wife similarly and his children took away his ‘husband’ privileges. It is hard for couples who live their whole lives together to have to be separated because of such a memory disorder.

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  2. I think you did. That first sentence carries so much suggestion. My mind surmises the sort of things that happened up there in the bedroom


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