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OLWG#144- CAFESSA Jalisco

This second take was written for OLWG#144

Lupe came home with her arms loaded down by charts that showed footprints and numbers. She had pictures of dancers performing common steps and turns. She was excited to tell Guillermo about what she had learned that evening. She’d learned some of the histories of Salsa dancing. She knew that Salsa was primarily a Cuban and Puerto Rican art and had been influenced by many different dances, such as Mambo, Chá, Yambú, Guaracha, Abakuá, Comparsa, Changuí, Lukumí, Palo Montel, and even the Rumba.

She wanted to dance. She wanted to dance with Guillermo, but he was passed out on the couch surrounded by full ashtrays and empty beer bottles. There must have been two dozen empties on the table in front of him and laying on the carpet. The CAFESSA Jalisco game was on the TV with the sound turned up way too loud.

“Oh no, no, no, no,” Lupe said to no one in particular; then she turned on her heel and walked back out the front door.


The prompts were:

  1. is that a no, then?
  2. staring out the window
  3. numbers and charts

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