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OLWG#144- Lupe y Guillermo

This was written for OLWG#144

Lupe stared at the windscreen as she sat in the driver’s seat of her five year old silver Prius and pounded on the steering wheel with the heels of both hands.

She muttered under her breath, “¡Pendejo!” she said it again. Then she thought aloud “Guillermo es un holgazán I wouldn’t even be in this trouble if he would only take me dancing.” She took the pistol out from beneath the driver’s seat and tucked it next to her thigh. Then she turned on the blinker and pulled slowly out into the flow of traffic heading east.

The prompts were:

  1. is that a no, then?
  2. staring out the window
  3. numbers and charts

6 thoughts on “OLWG#144- Lupe y Guillermo

  1. Never! Wild, spectacular, otherwise embarrassing abandon!! You, clearly, have never attended a wedding reception where the Rose Women are in attendance. A sight to behold. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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