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OLWG#144- Posole

This is “yet another take” that was written for OLWG#144

At dance class the next week Lupe was again paired with Atilio. She complimented him on his dancing and he confessed to having practised during the week.
“I pretended that I held you in my arms and we danced in my kitchen. You were, erm, you are a wonderful dancer, Lupe. Perhaps we should get together during the week to study. To practice, you know. How would you feel about tomorrow night? We could dance in my kitchen and I could cook posole. I use only Guajillos in my posole. They give it just the right amount of heat, I think. Plus I am from Zacatecas, where Guajillos come from, but I’m sure you know that.”
Lupe shook her head, “Oh Atilio, that would be wonderful, but mi esposo would probably not approve.”
“Is that a no, then?” He laughed, “If that is the case, we should enjoy this time we have together right now.”
Lupe blushed just as she had in her car the other day.

The prompts were:

  1. is that a no, then?
  2. staring out the window
  3. numbers and charts