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OLWG#150- Maddie

This piece was written for OLWG#150

On our way back from the service Maddie and I stopped for green chile cheeseburgers and fries at a Blake’s. She was hungry and confused.

“What are we going to do without Momma, Grandpa?” she queried, brown eyes wide, wondering.

“I don’t know, baby girl,” I called her that a lot, “but we’ll figure it out. We have to.”

“I’ll take care of you now,” she added.

“We’re gonna have to take care of each other.”

We ate pretty much in silence after that, staring emptily through the window into the car park. Each of us lost in our thoughts, but after a while, Maddie gave up and gathered the remains of her meal. She carefully separated and smoothed out two napkins with a picture of the Lota Burger guy on them. She folded and tucked them into the pocket of her sundress.

“Why are you saving those?” I asked her.

“Momma liked to collect the napkins from hamburger places,” she informed me, “I’m going to put these into the vase with her. I think she’d like that.”

I smiled, “Great idea, baby girl,” I said, “that’s a great idea.”

The prompts were:

  1. put them in the urn with the cremains
  2. a bad poet with a good microphone
  3. A rather clumsy girl