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OLWG#153- Revenge

This piece was written for OLWG#153

Maj woke cold and wet, not an unusual condition for a Finfolk mermaid. She looked forward to the day that she and her sister, Ægir, had planned.

They were going to visit the rocks off the Coast of Karmøy Island. There they would sit and sing sweet songs in order to lure sailors to their deaths; after having their way with them, of course. Karmøy was a good place to find sailors. Mariners were always lonely. Some, who missed their women, and still others who easily fell prey to a sweet voice and a bare breast; were the easiest to catch. Of course there were risks.

Their younger sister Gna had fallen in love with a lonely sailor. She had foolishly lead his ship away from the rocks where his death had been all but certain. Gna had been a fool and had ultimately been killed by her seaman, gutted with his ubiquitous folding clasp knife; she had died a horrible death. Yet another reason for Maj and Ægir to do what they did.

The prompts were:

  1. woke up cold and wet
  2. a drop of blue paint
  3. so alone