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OLWG#159- Frenzy & OLWG# 160- Shipping Out Tomorrow

I’ve spent the last… forever, relocating from California to New Mexico. It’s been hectic and I have been remiss in posting. Today is a breath of fresh air so I’m going to try and catch up. Here’s a couple of OLWG prompt responses that I think will bring me current.

This piece was written for OLWG#159

The kids were throwing sand on the floor
Getting ready to dance
Billy pushed play on the boom box and
The sound of tires singing filled the theatre

Sarah, with an ‘H’, slowly and deliberately, pulled her right foot across the worn oak floorboards
Now covered with grit
She moved to centre stage and was soon joined by Wendy, Allegra, and Jessie
Then the bass notes began

The prompts were:

  1. keep the margins wide
  2. throwing sand on the floor
  3. tires singing

This piece was written for OLWG#160

Bernard sipped his watered down beer and leaned on the stage
(He and his buddies had seats that close)
He thought about his ship to Danang, leaving in the morning
He riffed the stack of singles piled on the worn table top

In God We Trust

Seraphina, who always recognized a good mark, dropped gracefully from the pole
And shimmied towards the group of young, green marines
She wanted to rub their close cropped heads
She wanted to bring them good luck

The prompts were:

  1. slow decay
  2. In God We Trust
  3. the night contorted

I think I got them all in. One direct and the other two possibly inferred?