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OLWG#169- Honkey-Tonk Beer Belly

This has been written for OLWG#169

Alani pulled the car into the lot and found a spot near the front door. She and Maya had been reviewing the rules.


“OK,” said Maya, “it’s a catch and release game, right? And, you have to take a photo; or it doesn’t count, right? Do you have to get them to buy you a drink or is a picture enough?”


“A pic will do,” Alani responded. She looked at the clock; digital numbers glowing green on the dash and added three hours. “We’ll meet back here, in the car at 1 am.” She reached for the door handle.


Maya put her hand out and stayed Alani, “Wait a minute, how about this? We judge by weight tonight. What do you say? This could be a good place for that.” She flashed her crooked grin. 


Alani leaned against the door just enough for the dome light to come on. She could hear the country-western music; the beat pulsing against the windows on the front of the building. “Ohhh, alright. I hate it when we do that, though.” 


“Well, how do you want to do it? Length of their beard? Size of their hat or wait, wait; maybe their belt buckle?”


“No, weight’s fine, but it’s not my favourite. Give me a three-minute head start.” Alani took a deep breath and climbed out of the car. She paused by the wooden door of the chosen Honkey-Tonk and adjusted her breasts. Giving a thumbs-up to Maya, she pulled the door open and disappeared inside.


Maya waited the agreed-upon three minutes and stepped out of the car. She adjusted the waistband of her skirt to raise the hemline a good two inches. Inside, he had to wait a few seconds for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. Then she scanned the room for Alani. 


There she was, in one of the first barstools. She was toying with the straw in a tall thin glass and talking to a huge man with a bulbous nose that was red from drinking. The man threw his head back, roared with laughter then nodded. Alani got up and turned his stool so that he was looking away from the bar. She pulled out her phone and held it at arm’s length. She rested her other hand high on the top of his thigh. When he smiled, she snapped a picture.


“Damnit,” Maya said out loud. Alani’s going to be tough to beat tonight. 

The prompts were:

  1. let them go
  2. bulbous
  3. bandit cash