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A Roosevelt Dime


A 1994 Roosevelt Dime

Shiny like
The Tin Man from Oz or
A rodeo girl’s buckle and spurs

A 1994 Roosevelt Dime

Ostentatious like
The silver sequined gown that Maryanne wore to the prom, maybe
Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate

A 1994 Roosevelt Dime

I’ll keep it in my pocket, and
I’ll go to Berdine’s

Thanks for the prompt, Ms. Rose.

OLWG · writing

OLWG#172- Micro Poetry to Celebrate our Dystopic Past

This piece was written for OLWG# 172

rocket girls have choices, but rocket boys always become rocket men


it’s as clear as the nose on his face; the boy’s a scrapper – always was


“I don’t wanna do this”
“you’re the one who wanted babies”
“but can’t there be another way?”
“maybe we could steal them”
“OK lets get to it”


The prompts were:

  1. the nose on his face
  2. can’t there be another way?
  3. rocket boys