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OLWG# 178- Maybe Not Such a Good Idea

This week’s prompts are at the bottom. The words below were written for practice.
Practice makes perfect.

I met and fell in love with Esme twenty-three years ago. Of course, I never told my wife about her. On her part, Esme never told her husband, Angel, about me either. Our lives were both busy, but somehow we always managed to sneak in a few days together three or four times a year.

I loved Esme in all the same ways that I loved Becky. I loved both of them emotionally, physically, and intellectually. From my perspective life and the universe were perfect; the stars aligned.

And then the pandemic.

First Esme was taken. Less than a month later, I lost Becky.

I met Angel at Esme’s service. He seems like a great guy.


When Esme and Ted met and fell in love, they carried on in a wild affair for years. They met a few times a year to spend three or four days together. She knew Ted was married to Rebecca, but that never mattered. She had been married to Angel since she was eighteen. She loved them both equally.

When Angel was taken early in the pandemic Esme was shattered. She tried to call Ted. Becca answered his phone.

“Oh, hello,” Esme introduced herself, “I work out of the Roswell office with Ted.  I’m trying to get in touch about the ‘Two Rivers Dam Project’ we’ve been collaborating on.”

“I’m sorry, Ted’s not available now. He’s been admitted to hospital. The kids and I are in lock-down. He’s not expected to survive the virus and I’m not even allowed to go visit him there.”

Esme’s breath caught as she re-cradled the phone.

I may have messed up on my numbering. I have called this #178 as I believe that there were two with #176. Sorry ’bout that. This week’s prompts:

  1. the observable universe
  2. good ideas will survive
  3. love during the pandemic