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OLWG# 178- A Formal Affair

Written for OLWG#178

Michelle wore a 4-button black barathea wool tailcoat with satin-faced peak lapels. The tails hung to the back of her knee and the sleeves were short enough to show some cuff. Her wool trousers were cut high to accommodate the waistcoat. They had double satin braiding on the outseams and plain bottoms, no cuffs. Her waistcoat was rounded bottom; made of white cotton with a piqué weave. It was fastened with three buttons.

She wore a white cotton, single cuff, wing collar shirt with a piqué bib (to hold the starch) and a tab that fastened to her trousers. On her feet she wore cap toed calfskin shoes with a high shine. Her accessories were a top hat, mother of pearl studs and cuff-links, but she forwent the white scarf due to the time of year. Of course a white bow tie and a white pocket square completed her outfit.

She and Daniel were dressed identically, but somehow Michelle pulled it off better.

Daniel asked if, during the course of the evening, she would humour him and pull a rabbit out of her hat.

She replied with her crooked grin and a quick peck on his cheek.

This week’s prompts were:

  1. call him out
  2. a matter of magic
  3. the carousel only makes you dizzy
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TBP Redux 6- And Now the Delivery’s Late


Bruce makes pretty good money but not good enough for this.

He’s spent fifteen years at Williams Trucking, now he’s smoking on the edge of Piñon Street waiting for the cops to show up.

He listens to the Andrews kid who continues with his bitching and berating.

Bruce thinks that  Danny Andrews is worried about the ass chewing he’ll get when his momma finds out what he did to her car.

Finally he can take it no longer and flicks his cigarette towards the Tesla as he walks back to his truck.

He’ll wait in the comfort of the cab till the authorities arrive.

He’s tired of listening to the ‘smack talking’ little trust fund baby.

This week’s prompts was a challenge and a lot of fun. It’s a story in and of itself. I thought about it a lot, but didn’t add much, I just chose a perspective and let it stand on it’s own:

“A driver, driving through a familiar neighbourhood of houses and condominiums, comes upon the completely out-of-place site of a two-tiered semi for car transport parked in the left-turn median. The truck is full of newer models of various cars. Nothing cheap, but nothing special. A generic, new-ish model sedan with its hazards flashing is stopped behind the tractor/trailer. What catches the driver’s attention is the young man standing on the sidewalk, taking pictures with his phone of the sedan. Another young man walks over to give the man a pat on the shoulder. The truck driver, who is also standing on the sidewalk, flicks his cigarette into the street and walks back to the truck’s cab.”