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OLWG# 178- A Formal Affair

Written for OLWG#178

Michelle wore a 4-button black barathea wool tailcoat with satin-faced peak lapels. The tails hung to the back of her knee and the sleeves were short enough to show some cuff. Her wool trousers were cut high to accommodate the waistcoat. They had double satin braiding on the outseams and plain bottoms, no cuffs. Her waistcoat was rounded bottom; made of white cotton with a piqué weave. It was fastened with three buttons.

She wore a white cotton, single cuff, wing collar shirt with a piqué bib (to hold the starch) and a tab that fastened to her trousers. On her feet she wore cap toed calfskin shoes with a high shine. Her accessories were a top hat, mother of pearl studs and cuff-links, but she forwent the white scarf due to the time of year. Of course a white bow tie and a white pocket square completed her outfit.

She and Daniel were dressed identically, but somehow Michelle pulled it off better.

Daniel asked if, during the course of the evening, she would humour him and pull a rabbit out of her hat.

She replied with her crooked grin and a quick peck on his cheek.

This week’s prompts were:

  1. call him out
  2. a matter of magic
  3. the carousel only makes you dizzy

16 thoughts on “OLWG# 178- A Formal Affair

  1. I wish I knew where to find the most adorable photo of my eldest sister and her husband dressed in “yin and yang” white and black tuxedos! My bro-in-law owned a tuxedo, but for a special black-tie event, instead of shopping for a gown, my sister rented an all-white with satin trim tux-n-tails get up. G looked every bit the Dapper Dan, to be sure (the thing was tailored for him, after all) but C? I’m tellin’ ya, Marlena Dietrich had nothin’ on my big sis.
    [Oh, and, yes, of course … loved the take on your prompt! 😉 ]


      1. I shiver at the thought of going through the boxes I took from my folks’ house after they died. You’d think this would be the year to take on such a project, but …

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  2. OK this is really 179 isn’t it… the prompts are different from the last 178…
    So I’m holding off until tomorrow to write… since I already did two Damned Family pieces today! 😀

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    1. I honestly screwed the numbers up so badly that I’m going to start with 180 for the morning prompt and pray that I can do better from now on.

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      1. Ah… I don’t remember this one though… so I might have to double up… or do each one separate. This one didn’t come to my mail box and OLWG prompts is one of the few prompt pages I follow. Didn’t or don’t you have a separate blog for writing and one for the prompts?

        Make a document for your prompts to keep as a record. Label it OLWG prompts – You don’t even have to start with 1… though I might have a list for you when I was doing the other series I kept track of which prompts I used, but maybe just the numbers and not the prompts themselves…

        Not to worry as long as we are having fun. That’s all that matters. 😉

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      2. That’s the was part. I do have a log. I named the file ‘prompts001.docx’. I just screwed my numbers up. Probably on account of my chemo-brain.

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      3. No worries… I’ve started a piece… so we’ll have to see if the new ones work with or not.


      4. My bad… I did get it, but I saw 178 and thought I did it already… so I didn’t open it. My bad.


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