14 thoughts on “Christmas Cactus 2020

  1. I once grew some cacti by seed… but I transplanted them as I thought they were out growing their pots… Now I only have one succulent – and I don’t know what it is.

    I do have African Violets that seem to bloom all year round. Some folks have told me that they haven’t seen an African Violet with single green leaves that have a 3″ diameter. However I just read that a large plant can get to be 16″ across so I guess mine are average for a large plant. I thought they were mini’s or standard size when I first got the plants.

    Beautiful photo.

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    1. We used to grow African Violets on the window sill behind the kitchen sink, where they thrived. In the house here in NM there is no window behind the kitchen sink.

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      1. I used to grow mine in the front bay window, faces southeast. But the plant got too large – I couldn’t close the blind in the evening. So Now it is on the buffet table on the northwest side… and it’s doing well there too. Not getting direct sun as the trees filter the light. 🙂


  2. Call mine “Halloween/Easter” cactus, as it has the uncanny timing of starting to bloom around Halloween and Easter — Easter being the moving target on the calendar, which is fascinating to me. How does it know?!

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  3. My mother had a massive one of these. Mine is the flame red Easter variety, started as a tiny thing that the former occupants of my first flat in Paris left behind when they moved out. It has never grown huge but it has reproduced and I have eight pots of it now.


      1. It hasn’t had an easy life, been moved five times, had the children almost destroy it playing cars through it, and getting put outside in the garden and forgotten about one winter. I take pieces off it regularly in case it drops off its perch. It’s 35 years old at least now.

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