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OLWG# 183- Hookahs and Callipitters

Written for OLWG#183

she lies beneath the willow

recovers, beneath the tree

thinks about tea parties, and

all the things she’s seen

“drink me”, “eat me”

she cannot reach the key

the bandersnatch…

a jabberwock…

the white knight…

and a hare…

she decides she’s gotten over it

she no longer cares

it wasn’t she who stole the tarts

and yet, was swarmed by playing cards

no more looking glasses

there’s been enough for her

all done with rabbit holes

haddock eyes

and queens

especially the queens

This week’s prompts were:

  1. she just gets it
  2. she lies
  3. all done with mirrors

5 thoughts on “OLWG# 183- Hookahs and Callipitters

  1. I do enjoy my ‘Alice’ any writings about her…
    I’m not done with imagination, just the Drama Queens. I’ve too many of them in my own family 🙂

    (PS…Here’s what we do know… Ned, Norman’s twin is dead, and he was the one who told Norman to divorce Jesse… the other who is that Aunt Mae Norwich is related to the twins…and owns the old Victorian where Ned brooded often in the secret attic room. But we don’t know who murdered Ned…)

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