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OLWG# 184- Confusing

Written for OLWG#184

Brian sat in the third row along the windows. He was sort of ‘half listening’ to the boresome Mr Chesboro discuss the impact of individual colonial militias against the British in the early days of the American Revolution. His attention had diverted from revolution by a murder of crows on the lawn in front of the school.

Danny Parr sat one seat closer to the front of the class, and one row over. Brian turned his attention from the birds to the width of Danny’s shoulders and his narrow hips. He knew that Danny had no trouble attracting girls. Maybe, Brian thought, he should start working out. Maybe he could sculpt himself to look like Danny Parr so that he could attract girls too. He might even be able to attract the attention of Danny Parr. He knew that he should want to attract the attention of girls. Girls like Linda Baldwin, or Amy Juarez. Girls who were popular and had hourglass figures. Sultry girls, sexy girls, with shiny hair and damp lips, but honestly he found himself more attracted to Danny Parr.

The whole situation was confusing. Brian knew that his parents would understand if he could gather the nerve to talk with them about it. After all, his dad had married Jim the day after his divorce finalized. Mom spent a lot of weekends away with her girlfriends and came home with stories of shopping trips and visits to museums. Uh-huh…

This week’s prompts were:

  1. prosaic
  2. labourious
  3. boresome