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OLWG# 185- The Old Victorian

Written for OLWG#185

After that last house, my wife, Alicia, pulled the realtor aside, “Jessica,” she began gently, “I think Ed and I are going to have to find another agent. This arrangement with you doesn’t seem to be working.” She paused and studied the carefully arranged face of the young Citadel Partners representative. Only a slight quivering of Jessica’s lower lip gave away any emotion.

Quickly re-gathering Jessica answered, “Why? Is something the matter, Alicia?”

“I believe so, yes. Every house you have shown us these last few days has been well past the ‘Sell By’ date.” Alicia pivoted her shoulders around and gestured at the old Victorian behind us, “I mean, look at this Jessica. The siding is falling off; the house needs a new roof, new paint; the screens on the porch have all rotted in the sun. It looks like the garden hasn’t been tended or cared for in decades. There was mouse poop all over the Formica countertops in the kitchen, and I don’t even want to guess what that stuff was in the upstairs bathroom.”

I was paying close attention while pretending a keen interest in a good-sized crow perched on the picket fence.

“Well, I told you it was a bit of a fixer-upper.” Jessica looked like she was ready to cry.

Alicia changed her tactics, “Jessica, when we first spoke, Ed and I told you we had a budget of around 1.6 million dollars.”

Jessica nodded her head and wiped the corner of her eye with the back of her hand.

“And, this one is only 1.45,” Jessica squeaked.

I could almost see the lightbulb come on over Alicia’s head, “You need this commission, don’t you?” she asked.

Jessica nodded her head and looked down at the cracked sidewalk where a dandelion peeked through.

“Okay, listen up, Jessica. Ed and I will stick with you. We’d like to help, but you gotta show me something better. You need to show us something better. We don’t need anything grand or palatial. Just show us something more move-in-ready. Can you do that?”

Jessica nodded again, “I’ll take you guys back to the hotel and do some more research this afternoon. In the morning, I’ll collect you early, and we can have another go.”

Alicia smiled, “Not too early though; okay Jessica?”

“Yes ma’am.”

This week’s prompts were:

  1. needs more salt
  2. past the “Sell By” date
  3. show me something better

8 thoughts on “OLWG# 185- The Old Victorian

  1. I had a house like that… my first one it was 80 years old in the late 1970’s. 30 amp service, 15 of which went to the oil burner… Hubby was handy and for the 18 months we lived there we fixed it up. When you are younger you can do things like that. As we were shopping for our forth home it was like this; “This is the mortgage payment we were making and its the same one we want to continue to make even if we get less”. Turns out Hubby found it anyway – I doubt the realtor would have shown it to us. Just for comparison though she showed us a similar home, smaller yard, no fireplace, no creek … you can guess which one we took. 😉

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    1. The house I just moved back into was built in 1904. Adobe, with thick walls, hardwood floors. We had previously added on with hay bale construction to match the rest of the house. Really a lot bigger than we need but I have room for art, woodworking, writing, eating, sleeping, gardening, and all that other stuff you do at home.

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      1. Now that we are empty nesters our home is just the right size 🙂 I be those thick walls help keep the place cool and the heat in.

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  2. “I was paying close attention while pretending a keen interest in a good-sized crow perched on the picket fence.”… so my father.
    Clever take on the prompts, though my family of realtors and general contractors would be wantin’ a few mentoring words with Miss Jessica.

    Liked by 1 person

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