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OLWG# 187- Spontaneous Combustion; No Time to Scream

Written for OLWG#187

None of Robert Raynott’s friends or neighbours had heard from him in weeks. His elderly neighbour, up the lane, had called the local police for a welfare check after she had been unable to raise him either by knocking on his door or ringing his cell. Officers found his remains in the kitchen.

When he caught fire and died, at his home in Derby; it marked the end of the Raynott family name. Robert had been preceded in death by his older brother, Richard, and his father, Patrick. The two elder Raynotts had been drivers. They were killed in an accident on the M40 many years prior.

Evidence gathered at the scene, and testimony from the coroner confirmed that the fire had been fast and intense. The wooden chair seat on which he had perched was scorched but not burned. Both feet were intact as were his boots. The right leg, below the knee, remained, although cauterized at the end. The rest of Mr Raynott was little more than a pile of ash.

This week’s prompts were:

  1. pray for them
  2. there was no time
  3. his office phone was ringing