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OLWG# 188- Magic

Written for OLWG#188

Exploring the stalls and barrows I came across a crone offering pastries home baked

The flaky crust and coarse sugar dusting of an apple-centric tart intrigued me

In my pocket I found ₡200 and I held it out pointing to my choice

The old woman presented me my prize and waved away the crumpled bills I held

I bowed in thanks

I took a bite

Closed my eyes to savour the flavour and felt something happen

Something that had never happened before

Not without the aid of codeine or cleaning products

I felt my hair grow

I opened my eyes and the hag was holding up a mirror

My reflection showed a younger me

Long red hair gone the grey



My eyes widened amazed

Did this I pointed at the apple tart

Do that I pointed at myself in the mirror

The gammer nodded and reached for the tart as she lowered the looking glass

I pulled the pastry back

She shook her finger at me like a primary school teacher and held out her hand

Reluctantly, I returned it as she demanded

She smiled at me

I smiled back

She waved me away

I turned to leave

Wait I blurted your cake made me younger

“It did,” she said

And then she was gone

This week’s prompts were:

  1. the magic of your wares
  2. they did
  3. it’s what I do between the bars