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OLWG# 189- Sedition

Written for OLWG#189

He got in from GA on the evening of the 5th,

took a costly, but shabby room in Chinatown.

It afforded a short walk to the Capitol. He paid cash,

and walked it twice that night.

The first time, down 6th

the second time, 7th

left on Pennsylvania for a little less than half a mile.

He had to find his way to the Grant Memorial

his designated rendezvous point.

Alone, that evening, at Oyamel he

rehearsed the plan, in his head, for the next day

over and over again;





he thought that it might work. Even if not, what’d he care, he had been paid well.

This week’s prompts were:

  1. wind carries both the bad news and the good
  2. bury them naked
  3. Chinatown