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OLWG# 193- женщина (zhenshchina)

Written for OLWG# 193

I was at my desk, headphones clamped to my ears so I could listen to Mrs Lagounov gossiping with another woman, I assumed to be her neighbour, and who went by the name Voronin.

Voronin’s daughter, called Masha, had recently become engaged. I took careful and thorough notes of the ongoing conversation between the two. The wedding sounded like a blast; they had gone over the guest list and discussed the dinner menu. Just two older women talking, and then I heard this…

Mrs Lagounov inserted an off-topic observation into the conversation, “My garden is full of weeds this year, and the herbicide isn’t working.”

Voronin replied with no change in her tone, “Perhaps you should use a shear to clip the weeds.”

Lagounov said, “Shears are too indiscriminate; besides, weeds must be pulled out by the roots. Perhaps you could come and remove them, for the standard fee?”

“I’ll meet with you tomorrow, in the usual place, we can discuss the details. I was thinking of serving Kissel for dessert. What do you think?”

I wrote down what they had said, verbatim, and pressed the yellow coloured button that would alert my supervisor. In almost no time, my supervisor and two managers were at my desk. The two subjects whom I had been surveilling were already returned to discussions of Masha’s upcoming wedding.  Voronin was questioning whether or not it was appropriate for her daughter to wear white.

This weeks prompts were

  1. just shallow socializing
  2. and then I heard this …
  3. she’s already cooler than me