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OLWG# 194- Advice from Shifu

Written for OLWG# 194

Shifu steepled her fingers,

closed her eyes,

and spoke, “Be like snow, Ahmya.

“Be beautiful, pure, and cold.

“In extremes – do not hesitate to be deadly.”

This weeks prompts were

  1. I fall in love with you every day
  2. and no one even knows I’m gone
  3. be like snow

9 thoughts on “OLWG# 194- Advice from Shifu

  1. Like it. It’s provocative.
    Why for is Frieda hanging her necklace from her mouth? I’ve not seen this snap before. Pretty provocative itself. She looks young in this photo.


    1. I went to an exhibit of her work on Saturday morning. I saw this portrait and took a photo of the photo. There was a good collection of Diego’s work there too. It was worth the trip. We loved it.


  2. Sounds like advice to give a ‘spy’…or a Ninja too. but then I looked up the names I wasn’t familiar with.
    Interesting :Meaning of Ahmya: Name Ahmya in the Japanese origin, means In Japanese it means black rain. In Spanish it means higher ground.


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