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OLWG# 198- Flashing Lights / Raucous Music

Written for OLWG# 198

Taking careful aim, Carlos exhaled slowly and squeezed the trigger.

The narrow stream of water burst from the muzzle. It ran true and hit the target. The balloon inflated. It grew larger and larger until finally, it popped.

The crowd went crazy.

Buffy drew smoke deeply into her lungs and reached above her head. She pulled the oversized, plush, rainbow-coloured caterpillar from the wire overhead.

Leaning over the counter, she handed it to Carlos, who held the prize over his head for a moment before turning it over to Noemi.

Noemi beamed as she hugged both Carlos and the giant multi-coloured caterpillar with equal vigour!


The couple wandered off down the midway, their brief moment of fame fading into the night; while simultaneously being highlighted by the flashing lights and raucous music.

This weeks prompts were:

  1. taking careful aim
  2. two step program
  3. there is only sorrow

3 thoughts on “OLWG# 198- Flashing Lights / Raucous Music

  1. I always like Skeeball. Though I’m not a fan of loud boardwalks anymore. When we have gone in the last decade or so – we’ve given our tickets to the little cherubs wondering about.


  2. Ooo…I like the prompt treatment on this one, especially the sorrow prompt. I’m right there with them. Plus, water gun balloon pop is the only carnival game I’ve ever been able to win. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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