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OLWG# 201- Miss Santa Cruz County

Written for OLWG# 201

Sibley Fletcher, the newly crowned beauty queen from Aptos, sloped onto the stage to thank her adoring fans. She was as thin as a fishbone. Her eyes bulged, and her cheeks hollowed. It was almost as though they had been sculpted by the same wind and surf that formed the arches at Natural Bridges State Park. Her long blonde hair was piled atop her head; a few wisps fell loosely to frame her face. She raised her arms and began to speak, her voice: as soft as a whisper, “My first act as your Queen is to grant myself immunity for any crimes; state, federal or hate, that I may have committed in the past, or might commit in the future. I would also extend that same amnesty to my dear sister, Mirabel. Bless her heart.”

The audience crowded into the Louden Nelson Community Centre fell silent. This was truly unexpected. As Sibley lowered her arms, the sharp bones of her wrist brushed the delicate tiara she wore, knocking it slightly askew.

“Buried somewhere in Los Gatos Canyon are the bodies of both Hannah Sandoval and Bernard Medina. I do not recall the exact location; it’s been almost five years since I put them there, but it was near a big white rock and a twisted tree. The police should probably give the remains back to their mothers. They have been missing long enough.

“I must add, my dear subjects, that Hannah truly deserved what she got. She tempted my darling, Bernard. And, Bernard, well, he was collateral damage. Sometimes I still miss him. Mirabel and I didn’t bury them very deep. I’m frankly surprised that they were never found.

“My second act is to declare today, April the first, an official holiday, to commemorate my coronation as Queen Sibley. I declare that henceforth, on this day, there will be no mail delivery, and Ferrel’s shops shall provide free doughnuts to all comers. As truly befits a holiday of this import.

“Thank you, my subjects. I will strive to be a kind and just ruler.” She blew a kiss at the crowd, turned and walked off the stage. The spotlight went down and the house lights came up. The applause was deafening.

This week’s prompts were:

  1. thin as a fishbone
  2. buried somewhere in Los Gatos Canyon
  3. it fetters the will

4 thoughts on “OLWG# 201- Miss Santa Cruz County

  1. Reminds me a tad of the great radio prank of War of the Worlds…
    in an odd sort of way. Just who is to be believed.
    The folks who chose the new “Queen” or that there really were any bodies…
    A delayed April Fooler?
    Yes… the skewed tiara – brilliant.

    Liked by 1 person

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