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OLWG# 212- Mireille in Haibun

Written for OLWG# 212

When I met Mireille, she worked at the library in Colmar. An ancient, walled town in Alsace that lies to the South and West of Strasbourg. She was young, alluring, and exotic. She was blonde-haired, beautiful, and in some way, was related to Bartholdi, the sculptor. The result of her beauty, coupled with her famous lineage, was a strong sense of self-importance. I don’t mean that in an unaccepting way, she was young, bright and gorgeous. Mireille smelled of a cool breeze coming off the sea. She was an insatiable lover. I had the pleasure of her company that midweek from dusk till dawn. We never left my hotel room – eating bleu cheese and coleslaw from the room service menu – devouring one another until the sunrise.

She dried a bit stiff,
She was laundry on the line
But she smelled so fresh

This week’s prompts were:

  1. a ruby red right hand
  2. laundry on the line
  3. bleu cheese and coleslaw

7 thoughts on “OLWG# 212- Mireille in Haibun

  1. I had a friend in Jerusalem who came from Marseilles whose name was Mireille. Not a common name, though it is the French equivalent of Marilyn. Maybe I should change my name. That seems so much more exotic.

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  2. I thought of a movie where the actress only would keep her lovers for one year. At the end the newest lover didn’t want to leave… But she left him. I think she was dying and making the most of the time she had left. But still it wasn’t a very happy ending.

    I like how you used the prompts. πŸ™‚

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