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OLWG# 213- New Knife

Written for OLWG# 213

“Where’s ya goin’ Bea?”
“I ain’t going nowhere, Boy, an’ even if I was; it ain’t none o’ yore business. I wouldna tell ya.”
“You goin’ to school, ain’tcha?”
“Get lost, Boy. I’ll tell yo momma.”
“You gotta be goin’ to school. On account, you ain’t got that big ole dawg o’ yourn witcha. Kin I play witcher dog whilst youse at school?”
“Stay ‘way from my dawg, Boy.”
“Aw, come on Bea. I jist wanna take ‘m fishin’.”
“I jist give that dawg a washin’ las nite. I ain’t gonna lechoo take him to no damn crick. He’ll get all mudded up. He’s all pretty ’n white rite now. I wan im to stay that way.”
Boy reached into his pocket and pulled out a handful of stuff. He started poking through it.
“I’ll give ya this piece o’ lickrice, ya let me taker yer dawg fishin’.”
Bea stopped. She looked at what Boy held in his hand, “I don wan nuthin to do with that lickrice. ‘S got fuzz all over it.”
“Come on, Bea. Lemme take yer dawg fishin’. Wha’ choo wan’?”
“I’ll take yer pocketknife, an I gotta go to the crick with youse and Flour. Deal?”
“Deal!” Boy handed over the folded blade. He and Bea shook hands and turned away from the school. They went to fetch the dog. There was plenty of time to find and cut a slender branch for fishing, and Bea had a new knife.

This week’s prompts were:

  1. ain’t going nowhere
  2. easy gratification
  3. a dog named Flour

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