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OLWG# 218- Trilogy

Written for OLWG# 218

Roxanne Tells Clifton

With a belly full of gin and a heart heavy with regret, Roxanne stumbled into the night. At the edge of the car park, she turned, raised her fist and yelled back, “Fuck you too, LeBlanc Beau-Nasty. I don’t need you!”


The Fortune Teller

“No, No, that can’t be true!” Cliff gasped.

“Oh, but it is,” responded the gipsy.

“Your precious and chaste Roxanne truly is with child.”

“I didn’t believe her. Now she’s gone, she left.”


The Workhouse

Four-year-old Andy LeBlanc hopped off the hard chair and reached up to hug his mother.

She didn’t lean down as he had hoped.

Instead, she reached down and tousled his dark hair before pulling her wrap tight and turning to leave.

He ran to the window and watched her walk away in the rain.

She paused only briefly at the gate.


This week’s prompts were:

  1. watched his mother walk away
  2. belly full of gin
  3. with child

4 thoughts on “OLWG# 218- Trilogy

  1. Sometimes even when parents are present… they aren’t.
    Are we any better one way or the other?
    Sometimes yes, sometimes no. There’s a buried pain either way.

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