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Make Your Depth 400 Feet (reworked)

Standing watch in the Engine Room
Making turns Ahead – about one rev per day
been making this speed since we got underway
without warning, the OD rings a flank bell three times from the bridge …
cavitate was the call
acknowledge and begin to adjust speed
I shift my legs to ride the depth change
and the hard right rudder I feel coming on
We’re hightailing it now, gotta get gone

One Word Sunday… Bridge

4 thoughts on “Make Your Depth 400 Feet (reworked)

  1. Had to look up cavitate – Maybe it means something different (other than bubbles) for a sub? I think I was on an amusement ride that was a pretend sub once. Hard to imagine living on one.

    Oh… I found this: ‘Cavitation noise is produced from the motion of turning propellers on surface vessels, submarines or a torpedoes. Cavitation is the formation of partial vacuums in a flowing liquid as a result of the separation of its parts. … Generally, the level of noise from a ship increases with ship size and speed’

    Maybe compared to the drop of a rollercoaster, having to brace for a change(with speed)?


    1. You got it. Cavitation is noisy. Submarines don’t like to make noise so when you do make noise it is customary to perform an evasive manoeuver and high tail it out of there.

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