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OLWG# 225- Windows To the Soul

Haibun written with an ‘American Sentence’ for OLWG# 225

I sit next to Ilona, sharing a patio table at ‘The Overlook’, ringed by uncounted mountain ranges. To the west, the sunlight scatters, creating skies of bright yellow that slowly darken to a deep plum overhead before cycling through shades of ever-darkening wines until reaching the horizon, where it finishes dark and black as a Halloween cat in the east. I hold both her hands, studying the way the hues play with her skin tones, the highlights in her hair, and the blush of her gown.

Burgundy skies touch mountain tops and reflect in her violet eyes.

This week’s prompts were:

  1. burgundy skies
  2. look the devil in the eye
  3. all the tears in the world