OLWG# 237- Unburdened by a Title

Written for OLWG# 237

The game was five-card draw
Yancy pulled his hand in and stacked the cards neatly
He didn’t fan them yet
He didn’t peek
He could learn a lot by watching the others look at theirs.

Ante’s and openers flew onto the table.

Monique was on his left. her hand on Yancy’s knee
she looked at hers and gave his thigh a little squeeze
Was she playing him, or were her cards just that good
she took two

Louis pulled the napkin from beneath his Vodka Collins
and wiped his brow
His facial expression was unmoving, an Easter Island statue
Louis took one

Phil smiled – a hundred watts, at least
can’t read anything from that
Phil’s always smiling
he took two too

Archie, well, Archie leaned back in his chair
he didn’t pull the cards in
he didn’t touch them at all – he wouldn’t either
Archie waved his hand – none

Yancy fanned his hand and took four

The pot grew more
Phil finally folded
and more,
Louis called

Monique had a full-house
eights over aces – not a bad hand
Louis had four twos – even better
Arch slowly turned his cards over, one at a time
He had a King. He grimaced and transferred his cigar
from one hand to the other, spilling ashes on his lap

“Whatcha got, Yance?” Louis asked
“A bunch of fives. Six of them.”
Yancy said as he laid his cards on the table
Monique squeezed his knee harder
Louis drew in a quick breath
Archie shook with laughter
Phil smiled even bigger

Monique slipped a shiv between Yancy’s ribs,
He collapsed at the table

This week’s prompts were:

  1. selling jewellery out of his car
  2. a bunch of fives
  3. it’s just a game

Author: tnkerr

Mostly making things up and writing them down to amuse myself!

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