Zozo Writers- Suburban

Written in 10 minutes, with the Carrizozo Writers

Jimmy stood in the lot shooting the shit with Brandon and Eileen. Eileen was whining about her husband and how she just knew he was carrying on with lots of other women. Cheatin’ Bastard.

Brandon was talking about the game he had watched yesterday and how Cooper should never have tried to run the ball, a pass was definitely called for and Jones was open in the end zone. A couple pulled their old sedan to the curb and walked onto the lot. Jimmy watched them, he waited, it was his turn and he knew that neither Brandon or Eileen would try and horn in on his sale.

Finally , Jim pulled on the lapels of his sports jacket and headed over to the punters who were dallying over a monkey-shit brown Suburban with low mileage and an inflated price displayed in giant red letters on the windscreen.

“Hiya, folks,” Jimmy hollered when he was still twenty feet away. “You guys looking for a good used car?” The question was redundant because why else would they be in a used car dealership?

“That’s a fine one you’ve got your eyes on, and it’s priced to sell. The boss wants it off the lot, quick. It costs money to keep a car on the lot too long.

“How much are you looking to spend?”

I used the prompt- ‘fast talking’

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