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Zozo Writers- Leonard’s Fetish

Written in 20 minutes, with the Carrizozo Writers

Leonard was beginning to feel that urge again. His needs were becoming more frequent, and that concerned him just a bit. The time between his first and his second had been almost a year. There was no way he could go that long between episodes these days. He could barely wait two weeks anymore. He knew that he had to act now and, It had only been ten days since the last time. It was only getting worse.

He had a break coming soon and when Melissa came to relieve him at the register for his fifteen minutes he would set the plan into motion. He could barely conceal his anticipation. He was impatient with the customers. He had to control himself. Finally he saw her making her way across the store, she was lingering by the cosmetic counter.

Damn it, girl, he thought to himself, get over here.

When she finally arrived he rung up a “no sale” without saying a word. He pulled his drawerand watched as she signed into the register and he headed to the back room. He locked up his drawer and proceeded directly to Hanson’s office. He knocked and fidgeted nervously waiting for an answer.

“Come in,” Mr Hanson intoned from behind his desk.

Leonard reached out and grasped the worn brass knob on the door. It felt chill in his hand he spun it and pushed.

“Leonard, come in,” Hanson rose from his chair and beckoned. “What can I do for you?”

“I wonder, sir if I could work the night shift next week? I seem to have let my big mouth get the better of my common sense and volunteered to do some work with the church during the day, only next week. I know, it was stupid, but it’s a good cause. My days will be busy, but I can still come in here at night. I could work the registers till ten and then do stocking until midnight. I’m sorry to ask, sir, but I’m needed in the remodel of the Widow’s and Orphan’s Shelter.”

”Of course, Leonard. Your community involvement is an inspiration.”

Leonard was ecstatic. He could spend time in the storage room with the naked mannequins when no one was around.

I used the prompts:

  1. only if no one’s around
  2. naked mannequin