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OLWG# 244- A Short Fib

Written for OLWG# 244




a good

boy. He came

out as Rosy, a

homewrecker. Who amongst us

can comprehend the prurient fantasies of men?


This week’s prompts were:

  1. women in kilts
  2. he was a ‘good boy’
  3. before she was a homewrecker

3 thoughts on “OLWG# 244- A Short Fib

  1. Roy to Rosy – reminds me of a current personage who is in the public eye these days.
    Though I know at least of one cleb who did ‘it’ the other way around – Chaz, Cher’s child.

    So much opinion about private matters. Only hurts when there is lies and violence. The guy who owned our home previously (only male with wife and four daughters)… didn’t quite get all his magazines subscriptions forwarded. One came in a brown wrapper… it wasn’t ‘Playboy’. That ‘mag’ fit in with the last line of your verse. Some images I still can’t comprhend.

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      1. Sometimes curiosity can be ‘damning’ –
        I try to forget… but every once in a while some of ‘those’ images resurface. Yep, a big Oh MY!

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