OLWG# 245- Haibun 03.02.22

Written for OLWG# 245

I found myself in a cold sweat standing outside Bobby’s place. The wind was blowin’ in hard, from the gulf. I pounded on his door until that chick, Remy, answered, and then I pushed my way inside.
“What the hell?” The chick asks, fumblin’ for a smoke.
“Where’s Bobby?”
“He’s gone to Tupelo. His Momma’s sick.”
“I need some Percs. You got some?”
“No, we only got dors and fours.”

Codeine wraps her warm
arms around him and, he is
lost in her embrace

This week’s prompts were:

  1. a young man sleeps with his dreams
  2. fumbling for a cigarette
  3. more money than sense

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