Zozo Writers- 07.02.22

A Haibun with American Sentence written in 20 minutes, with the Carrizozo Writers

The topless dancer looked at the big guy, at the small table near the edge of the stage. He leered up at her. His black irises were mere crescents beneath his heavy-hooded eyes.

Frightening to look at, he had those kind of eyes… soulless, and without emotion. He had a long scar that ran straight from his hairline and dissected his brow. Then it picked up again, wider now across his cheek, before tearing through his upper lip where it stopped abruptly, leaving him with a permanent grimace.

She shuddered when he pulled a roll of bills from his jacket pocket. She watched him peel a twenty and hold it up to show her. She didn’t want to go over there. She didn’t want his hands on her leg, on her costume. That was the job though. She could take the money he offered and think him a pig at the same time. It was called a tease, and she was more than he could handle, anyway.

She was a multi-tasker, she worked hard, she was a mom, a dancer.

I used the prompts:

  1. heavy-hooded eyes
  2. more than he can handle
  3. at the same time

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