OLWG# 248- Organized Crime Squad

Written for OLWG# 248

Officer Panatone was new to the squad. He was not yet hip to the rhythm and flow of the way LT did things in Organized Crime, so when she sent him to run surveillance on Joey the Fish’s operation at the harbour, she should ‘a sent someone else with him. Maybe me, or Becky, hell; maybe even Lawman Lawson (that gung-ho MF). She should never a sent Panatone by himself, but her heart was in the right place, she was trying to set him up for success, and nothing builds confidence like an early win.


Now, this wasn’t a hard job, but Panatone was green, and LT misjudged HOW green he was. Here’s the way it unfolded.


We all showed up for roll call, and Panatone drew the assignment of surveillance on Joey the Fish. Becky got to interview a few more witnesses, trying to nail down the case against Councilman Bates. Lawman got stuck in the squad room going over paperwork to see if we might ‘a overlooked something on Bates. LT wanted me to accompany her to the Harbour Master’s office. Everyone was cautioned about being careful, getting back safe (same as always), and we headed off.


The first problem was: Panatone was not familiar with the docks, and he went to The Fish House; instead of the warehouse. The Fish House is on the waterfront, but it’s not a hotbed of criminal activity; it’s an upscale seafood restaurant where the glitz and glamour kids like to dine and sip champagne.


The second problem was: He didn’t just surveille the Fish House… he raided it and rounded up a bunch of the customers and employees there. He radioed for assistance, so the station house sent a wagon and a few officers to help.


We found him back at headquarters later that night. He was booking the cooks.

This week’s prompts were:

  1. groomed for success
  2. cook the books
  3. cold, cold ground

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