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OLWG# 249- Uncaged

Written for OLWG# 249

Wallace tugged the bill of his John Deere ball cap lower. He stood, called to his mom and walked out the front door into the golden light of early evening. He walked to Rebecca Shepard’s house. She was sitting on the wide front porch with her mother, the orange sunset shining from behind her hair. He watched for a bit, and then he turned, walked away.

It was almost 11:30 when he returned. The Shepard house was dark except for the porch light, shining faint. No competition to the blanket of stars that glowed in the night sky. The full moon hung high. It was brilliant but mute, making not a sound.

Reaching into his pocket, he removed a crumpled scrap of ruled notebook paper. Rebecca had handed it to him at the end of World History. Wallace smoothed the note and scanned it for the 100th time. Each time he read it, it read the same.

come see me tonight,
don’t knock, don’t ring the front bell
climb in my window

This week’s prompts were:

  1. wine coloured birthmark
  2. not a place you want to go
  3. climb in my window