ZOZO- 17.May.22 Burma Shave

Written in 20 minutes, with the Carrizozo Writers

I glance at the gauges on the dash

110 miles per hour

temperature is good

Oil pressure – right where it should be

Getting a little low on fuel


Rain glistens on the windscreen

Charlie Rich croons on the radio


I need to start looking for that Texaco

the one with the diner, the one recommended by the sign just back

Texaco bacon sounds good about now

or eggs, over easy, perched atop a slice of sourdough.




Maybe a Sinclair 

The green dinosaur

They used to be called Brontosaurus. Brontosauri?

But that’s changed now.

Why would a dinosaur change his name?

Was a judge involved in that business?


Rest Stop 15 miles

Does anybody need to pee?


Next services 90 miles

That must be Flagstaff

It seems about right

Can I make it?

I have an extra two-and-a-half gallon can

in the boot.


I can make it

will make it

I am the master of my fate

Flagstaff is just a bump in the road.

Just a bump in the road

A bump in the road

A bump

The road


time’s up – step away

The prompts:

  1. 90 miles to Flagstaff
  2. to be or not to be
  3. I am the master of my fate

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