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OLWG# 266- Nighttime in the Prison Yard

Written for OLWG# 266

Twilight in the desert can be disconcerting
the overhead blue deepens as the evening sky blackens
the crescent moon holds water on the horizon
or perhaps – it’s
a Cheshire cat’s smile

It was on such an evening that…

The scent of dissent hovered in the air and
exploded when Deuce, Snapper, and Viking
exchanged words in the yard
Viking got his nose broke
no big deal

No big deal, till Tony P is bumped and
Snapper, shanked
we lost Deuce when the choppers arrived
no one seemed to worry
no one seemed to care

This week’s prompts were:

  1. an old tin cup
  2. three to get ready
  3. a moon holding water