Playing For Keeps

Melissa (Glen) worked her (his) way into his (her) life like a opossum works her (his) way into your attic. The opossum always finds a way in, allowing her (him) to come and go whenever she (he) deems fit, whenever she (he) pleases.

Melissa’s (Glen’s) way in? A physical attraction and a willingness to accommodate, but physical attraction is most critical at the beginning of a relationship. Intellectual attraction needs to follow. Without the intellectual draw, desire becomes one dimensional and when that happens…

The opossum dies in the attic
it begins to rot and stink
the smell permeates down, where it
fouls the air throughout the house

Author: tnkerr

Mostly making things up and writing them down to amuse myself!

5 thoughts on “Playing For Keeps”

  1. Just fyi – I deleted my blog. Again (ha!). But, this time, it’s for keeps. However, my WordPress account will remain alive and well. I’m not gone anywhere. Just gone off blogging. I look forward to all your future posts!

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  2. I’ve been watching old ‘Midsummer Murder’ Mysteries.
    Opossum are only one of a few things that can stink up an attic or an abandon building.

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    1. I chose opossum because of the silent O. I needed to research… A or An. Turns out that the choice is dictated by the pronunciation. Who knew?

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