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OLWG# 268- TNK

Written for OLWG# 268

“You ever read anything written by TNK…?”

“I don’t … so. Why?”

“… hard. … his stories … voyeuristic vignettes … meaningless … cobbled together … form some kind of a fragmented narrative … no beginning – no end. Stuffed with bursts of…”

“What … ?”

“… and hard to follow… keyboard’s been drinking. Editing … gratuitous … ”

“At least … oblique, hard … babble, unfinished.”

This week’s prompts were:

  1. oh, that’s old school
  2. his writing is fragmented
  3. knock me a kiss


ZOZO- 11.Jul.22 The Young and the Useless

Written in 20 minutes, with the Carrizozo Writers- Raw, unedited, exactly as it flowed through my fingers to the keyboard

Janet got up off the sofa, pointed the remote to mute the television and crossed the room to answer the door. She wasn’t expecting it to be Robert. She wasn’t sure who she was expecting, but it certainly wasn’t Robert.

“Rob?” she said when she realized who it was, “What are you doing here? I mean, I wasn’t expecting you. What’s up?”

“I’ve been trying to call you all morning, Janet, but for most of the morning, all I’m getting is a busy signal. I thought I should come over and see if something’s wrong. ‘You OK?”

Janet knew that he would be getting a busy signal, but she didn’t think he would come over to check on her. She’d seen him on the caller ID the first three times he’d called and taken the phone off the hook. She didn’t want to talk with Robert. She was over Robert. She was over his sense of entitlement. She was over his misogynistic attitude. She was over his ego, and now he was here.

“Yeah, I’m OK,” she answered and she glanced over to the phone hanging on the wall by the breakfast bar, “Oh, shit, would you look at that! The phone’s off the hook. How’d I do that? Come on in, Rob. Let me turn off the TV.”

Picking up the remote she pressed the power button and watched today’s episode of ‘The Young and the Useless’ go black on the screen. She had been just about to find out if Dr Young was the father of Carrie’s baby. Damn.

Robert was a real pain in the ass. She was probably going to have to move out of town to get rid of him.

“Come on in, Rob. Want a cup of coffee? I’ve got some donuts that I picked up from the Piggly Wiggly. Most of them are Maple glazed but I may have some sprinkles.”


time’s up – step away

The prompts

  1. phone’s off the hook
  2. gotta move out of town