Missing State Writers- December 2022

Written in twenty minutes time, with some friends in Capitan

Old John was stocking the shelves with the good stuff when the bell rang, and Robert walked stiffly into the shop.

They grinned at one another and said nothing for a while. Finally, John broke the silence, “Good to see you, brother. Great to see you. Wasn’t sure if I ever would, again.”

“Hey,” Robert said, “I’m an innocent man. They let me out. A reparations cheque is on the way, and I’m looking for work.”

“I can’t offer you a job. You’ll need to talk with Catherine about that. She’s the boss.”

“And I will speak with her, but I was hoping you could put in a good word for me.”

The two old friends shook hands, and John reached up for a bottle of 25-year-old whisky from the top shelf. “Let’s turn the sign around, close the store for a while, and have a drink together, just like old times.”

He picked up his walking stick and moved slowly to the front door to lock it. He handed Robert the bottle, “Crack this open. I’ll be right back. How long’s it been?”

“Twelve years, four months, and fifteen days. Give or take….”

  1. top shelf booze
  2. back on board
  3. wasted and wounded
  4. an innocent man

Author: tnkerr

Mostly making things up and writing them down to amuse myself!

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