OLWG# 292- Gaijin Haibun

Written for OLWG# 292


Jia Li Walked from the Hostess Podium at the front of Aiea Chop Suey to speak with Mr Zau. “Sir, do you remember those sailors who filled the entire restaurant last week?” “The submariners? Of course I remember them. Are they back?” “One of them is back, sir; the big one, the tall one, with the stooped shoulders.” “Ah, yes, he was a tidy eater.” “That’s him. This time he has brought a young woman with him, ang moh. He says that she has never eaten Chinese cuisine. Where would you like me to seat them?”

“Does she know how to use chopsticks, can she manipulate the kuàizi?”


The prompts were: 
    1. drenched with blood and whisky
    2. bolt of lightning
    3. does she know how to use chopsticks
Authors Note: What little Chinese I know, I learned when I lived in Singapore. Although ang moh can be viewed as derogatory in some Asian cultures, It is not viewed that way in SQ. I mean no offense. Thank you for your understanding.

Author: tnkerr

Mostly making things up and writing them down to amuse myself!

4 thoughts on “OLWG# 292- Gaijin Haibun”

  1. Some words have many different meanings – depending on who is speaking, their background etc. The trick is to not be offended and to attempt to see where they are coming from. I once mentioned I was going to have ‘Franks’ for dinner… but used a different word and the ‘gals’ in the break room got riotous from giggles. They weren’t thinking ‘hot dogs’. Was it just imaturity or were they just being nasty? I could guess, well I know… but that’s another story.

    Cheers 🥂

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  2. Grandma Kraus lived in the Philippines and then for a while in a Japanese internment camp. Some time during those years, she learned to make some amazing Japanese food which we love. She would NEVER let us use forks. If you wanted to eat, hashi were “it.” Oddly, I still prefer using hashi when I eat Asian food. Garry too 😀

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