Zozo 23.03.23- Eros

Written in 20 minutes, with the Carrizozo Writers- Raw, unedited, exactly as it flowed through my fingers to the keyboard

Fettered, Eros struggled and raged against the ropes that bound him
He’d not expected to fall into his own love trap
Yet here he was
Helen towered above him, naked, smiling down where he was caught
Her long, feral, russet-coloured hair swinging
in time with her pendulous  breasts
The trap that had been set for her
Laid with great care
Had captured him instead
She must have known somehow
Had she heard him planning
Had she consulted with Zeus
          or Apollo

Helen laughed
“you wee cherub
“you tiny man
“did you think you would ensnare me with this feeble
“do you truly believe me so stupid

“How does it feel
“to not be in control
“to not be the one pulling the heartstrings of the unsuspecting
“Now you are mine
“You will always be mine
“to do with as I please.

“In the final chapters of your love story I think you will be scorned by me,
your true love
“you will die alone and never realize the love you seek
“Scorned by your Helen
“Lonely and broken for all eternity
“How does it fee, Eros? Does it hurt?
“This taste of your own medicine…
“Is it sweet like the poison hemlock
“or, is it bitter, like a lemon?”


time’s up – step away

The prompts:

  1. fettered, Eros struggled
  2. like the final chapters of a love story
  3. American dream

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