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Photo Challenge; Spare

Photo Challenge; Spare

We found her downtown.
She’d been missing more than a week.
She sat on the sidewalk,
Leaning against the wall
In front of O’Neills.

Her hair was dirty, stringy
Black circles under her eyes.
She had lost a lot of weight
Weight that she really couldn’t afford to lose.
She looked tired.

“Why don’t you come back home, Ginger?”
“We miss you. We want you back.”
“I’m never going back there,
“This is so much better.”

“Where are you sleeping?”
“I don’t need to sleep”
Where are you eating?”
“People give me stuff,
“I make do.”

“You can’t live your life this way!”
“Why not?”
We stood to leave. “You know you can always come home.”
“Not gonna happen.”
We started walking back to the car. Tears, choking.

“Mom, Dad – wait up”
She was running to catch us
“What is it baby?” her mother asked, hopefully.
“Do you think you could spare a couple of bucks?
“You know, for old time’s sake.”

Today’s picture is worth 139 words.
I had no photo but I had some mental images that I wanted to share.



More on the Tucson Turquoise Door

Thursday Doors

A couple of weeks ago I posted some photos of a turquoise door that I built for our house in Tucson, when we lived there. Those photos showed the door during the construction process. Again, I built this door and I was pretty proud of it.

Norm suggested that I should perhaps post a photo of the door hung. I searched through my archives and found this one. I have one other from the first house where the door was installed, but that photo is suffering from a severe focus deficiency, and I don’t feel that I should torture you with that.

I built the door and hung it in the house we were living in, because it needed a turquoise door. When we moved to the next house we took this door. I hung it next to the fireplace and it opened from the den out onto the covered patio and the back yard. This photo was taken after the floor was done, but before the introduction of much furniture.

It was starting to show a little wear and tear from the dogs. I left this door in that house when we moved away. I’d like to think it is still there, but who knows?

The Turquoise door redux
The Turquoise door redux



El Presidio Real de San Francisco

Thursday Doors

El Presidio Real de San Francisco now known more commonly as The Presidio (Spanish for either Prison, Garrison, or Fortress) is a park that was once a military base on the northern end of the San Francisco Peninsula it is now part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. It had been fortified and functioning as an active military base since 17.September.1776. Originally by Spain, then Mexico, then the United States.

The US Congress, as part of a cost cutting program, voted to end the active military use of the facility in 1994, and The Presidio was transferred to the National Park Service. They boast visitor’s centers, museums, shops, and educational facilities. It’s mission has changed.

Here are some shots of “The Commissary” door, still looking squared away and ‘very military’.