Grock is a knuckle-dragger who usually gets his way.

At the doctors office he always eats the stethoscopes; and the tongue depressors.

He loves calibrated sphygmomanometers for dessert.

He won’t eat thermometers though. They give him really stinky farts.


Then Whose?

“Good morning Miss Lilly,” he proffered a card.

“Abner Cluck, Acme Insurance.”

“Do you have adequate protection for your business?”

“The girls are responsible for their own, you say?”

“Sorry, I thought this was your house,
you were the madam in charge.”

I’m All In

If you can do this, I can promise these,

A skill,
A trade.
Passion for what you do.
The respect and admiration of your peers.
True love,
Family you can cleave to.
Good health,
A long, full life.

Nothing more, nothing less.


With cover design to lure the unsuspecting scholar
The Stone is but an opuscule, penned by Margolies.
Inside, printed with a serifed typeface on rag paper, is truth.
Truth to set you free, to make you run.
Perhaps, to get you killed.

Bump and Grind

The work-night was over; still too early for dawn.
“See ya, Jimmy,” Darlene said to the doorman.
Stepping into the morning chill she adjusted her scarf.
“G’nite, Miss Drake!”

She walked away from beneath the darkened marquee that read:
“Girls, Girls, Girls”

Ollie, Ollie Oxen Free

“They didn’t leave; but they’re hiding from you.”
“Because, you’re it, go look for them. They’ve barely been able to contain themselves; waiting for you to come home and play. Just don’t look in the garage, at least not right away.”